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Do you know what questions to ask of your candidates? 


We have a few that might be helpful to you as you do your research before the primary on June 5, 2012 and the General Election on November 6,2012.  The links below will lead you to candidate questionnaire matrices designed to help you get started with the process of learning about the candidates.



   Attorney General

   Secretary of State

   Supv of Public Instruction

   State Auditor

   Public Service Commissoner

   State Representative

   State Senator

   County Sheriff

   County Commissioner

   State Supreme Court Justice



WHAT DO THEY DO?  Follow this link for an overview of what our elected officials do.

Accountability is one of the bedrocks of our representative republic.  It provides a check on individuals, once elected,  who betray the promises they made during the campaign, or their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Voters must understand the importance of holding their representatives accountable once the elections are said and done.  The days are gone where we can fall asleep after an election, we must remain vigilant.

Many legislative report cards are prepared by national and state groups to help voters assess the voting records of their elected officials.  These can be an excellent tool to assist in educating yourself on those already in office.

(Note:  Many are posted on this website)

While most people are dissatisfied with government, incumbents typically are re-elected more than 90% of the time.    This statistic is very telling, and indicates that people do not hold their representatives accountable. 

There’s no substitute for doing your own homework on the candidates and issues ahead of the election, especially those already in office.